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We provide services to companies in Colombia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Panama, Suriname and the Dominican Republic from Colombia.
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"Management is the backbone of a company and its success depends on the strength it has to bear the weight of decisions"


Perfection is our way of life to the point of demanding more and more of ourselves to reach a higher standard than the previous one, we want to share with others the experience of being a winner.

Our experience applied to yours directly in your business will have the effect of potentiating your results, allowing the company’s decision-makers to focus on their objectives with the peace of mind that only a high-quality consultant gives you.

We believe in people and we trust in their abilities before everything, we walk hand in hand with each one of them polishing our skills to forge an elite team of professionals in each project we undertake.

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Our Services

Consulting in integral administration of companies.

Analysis of current structures, presentation of models, monitoring and implementation of new models, practical analysis of financial statements and presentation of these to administrators and Boards of Directors.

Advice for the constitution of companies

Presentation of proposals of the different types of companies and recommendations that may be applied according to the needs of the companies, incorporation and registration procedures before the tax authorities in the different related countries.

Total business administration.

Implementation of the administration model including authorization matrices, policies, procedures, internal control standards and function manuals by position.

Administration and finance outsourcing.

Independent administration service with JSA O&A personnel, in its entirety all services in a specific area can be provided.


During the stay at Vanylon, the following activities were carried out in a joint effort by the financial area, cost accounting and the economy group: Decrease of Inventories from 1000 to 350 tons / MONTH applying TOC concepts. This allowed generating a significant reduction in working capital, greater liquidity for the company and normalizing the relationship with its main caprolactam supplier. Preparation of the first standard cost model. With the help of the cost accounting area and taking into account the information structure of the cost module, a product costing model is carried out with online updating of rates and parameters of the databases of the purchasing modules, Inventories and accounting. This important tool allowed to make cost projections, profitability analysis, break-even calculations and support information for budgets and evaluation of investment projects.
Alberto Ballestas
Vanylon S.A
To know the laboriousness of Jaime Augusto Sáenz and his dedicated enthusiasm to carry out any work that was assigned to him in the accounting area. For 3 years Jaime was managing the fixed assets of Monómeros and he stood out because he designed an Excel sheet that made the calculation of flexible depreciation understandable and that became a useful tool to facilitate the explanation of its administrative and financial management to auditors. internal and external. Thanks to his excellent performance in the accounting department of Monómeros, Jaime was called directly by the general manager to be transferred to Vanylón S.A. where he served as chief accounting officer, administrator and financial manager until 2011.
Rafael Pupo García
Mónómeros Colombo Venezolanos S.A


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